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Dear Jane Jewelry is a collection inspired by the imagery and sentiment in classic literature and by the Art Deco era.  Each piece has a classic, timeless, and dear feel to it.

Our signature swing lockets begin as a pencil drawing in a notebook and from there a metal stamp is created and pressed into the metal.  The handwriting on the inside will never be found on any other jewelry-anywhere making Dear Jane a truly remarkable gift. 

hand drawing.jpg

Our founder

Leah Jones grew up in Vermont spending weekends antiquing with her father and curling up to read literary classics at a family lake house built by her great grandparents. Antiques and literature were two interests that proved to be permanent fixtures throughout her life, and her career.


Leah’s love of words led her to major in English Literature at The University of Vermont. She went on to minor in Studio Art, giving her the opportunity to explore different types of sculpture techniques, drawing, and lithography— all of her visual art projects, incorporating the written word into the design.


After graduating from college, Leah worked at a Boston based publishing house. During the day she edited legal books and at night she was developing her love of jewelry design.  Her first collection of jewelry showcased in her dear friend’s boutique.


Leah left publishing and founded her first business Alloy Jewelry in 2008, an e-commerce based jewelry shop, well known for metal engraving and personalized pieces.  


Leah created a sister business to Alloy Jewelry, “Dear Jane” in October of 2020. Each Dear Jane piece is inspired by a love for literature.  You will see a reference to which piece of writing influenced adding that particular piece to the collection in the item description.   


Please enjoying the sprinkling of literature throughout this website and our pieces!

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