Dear Heart Locket

Our swing lockets are our signature design.  The drawing on the front is meant to resemble antique and vintage lockets, with a modern flare.  The quote on the inside is one of our all-time favorites from classic literature.  Both the drawing and the quote are hand drawn (by the head designer and founder of Dear Jane) and therefore you will never find another piece like this.  These lockets are a very special gift for the most treasured people in your life.  


Quote on inside: Your heart and my heart are very old friends. -Hafiz


This design is the smallest of our swing lockets, just slightly smaller in appearence than the others because of it's shape. 


Available in limited quantities


14k Gold-filled or sterling silver


Chain included


Dear Heart Locket

  • -1 inch tall x 1 wide pendant

    -15 mm tall handmade bail

    -Chain included 

    -Please see additional information regarding the high-quality nature and care suggestions of 14k goldfilled metal in our FAQ section